Ten Best Camaros Of 2009

The Only Thing Better Than A Top 10 List Of Camaros, Is One Consisting Of 11.

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From our top 10 list, let us know what Camaro you would consider to be the Camaro of the Year. You won't win anything, nor will the owner of the car, but it would be cool to know if we're on the same page. Send your pick to: camaroperformers@sorc.com

Owner: Cody Lebo
Car: 1972 Camaro
January 2009
Here is a prime example of a homebuilt goodie that didn't break the bank, yet still oozes with plenty of style. The car has amazing paint and a vicious stance-one that most second-gen owners tend to miss by a mile. Needles to say, Cody nailed it. This is a prime example of a budget build that can stand up to most any Camaro at any given show.

Cody runs a stout 387ci mill with Eagle-forged stroker kit that puts out about 456 hp at 6,300. A beefy turbo 400 sends off the twist to a 12-bolt rearend fitted with 3.73:1 gears and a limited-slip differential. Hotchkis handled the 2-inch drop springs up front, and Cody matched the rear drop with lowering blocks. He bolted up beefy sway bars, and a set of QA1 12-way adjustable shocks smooth the road. We can't wait to see the latest additions as they materialize on Cody's tidy second-gen.

Camp_1002_12 Ten_best_camaros_of_2009 1972_camaro 2/12

Owner: Bret Voelkel
Car: 1968 Camaro
February 2009
Bret Voelkel is the kind of guy who was fortunate enough to turn his hobby into a successful business that now supports his hot rod habit. Dude goes through cars like most of us go through tanks of gas. But that's what we like about him. We first got wind of Bret's Velocity Camaro during the 2008 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Bret was carrying around a rendering of the car with the purpose of getting us magazine guys all hopped up to feature it-well, it worked.

The stellar Camaro has spent the better part of a year thrashing its way through (and sometimes over) just about every Goodguys' autocross cone in the country. Bret is not one to "baby" his rides, and this '68 is no exception. If you get a chance to see the car in person, do yourself a favor and check out the numerous one-off goodies this car houses. It's one amazing ride that easily ranks as a top 10.

Camp_1002_13 Ten_best_camaros_of_2009 1968_camaro 3/12

Owner: Gary Taillon
Car: 2002 Camaro
May 2009
Some might say modified, drag race fourth-gens are a dime a dozen. That may be true on some accounts, but you won't find many cars at the dragstrip done to the extent of Gary Taillon's 9-second '02. Most guys would have mounted fender-obtrusive rear rubber and lived with the tire rub that goes with it. Not Gary. He proceeded to go the extra mile by mini-tubbing the car and slimming the Moser 9-inch rearend 6 inches in order to accommodate the bulbous Mickey's.

Although the car looks well adapted as a quarter-miler, Gary doesn't shy away from the opportunity to hit the streets at local cruise nights. "The car is a blast to drive on the streets," Gary says. "And I drive it fairly often. In fact, most of the cops in town know me from this car. They can usually hear me coming well before I get to my destination."

Camp_1002_14 Ten_best_camaros_of_2009 2002_camaro 4/12

You might think this car falls into our "token fourth-gen" category for our top 10 list, but that's just not the case. This car is "all that", and is absolutely deserving of making our 2009 top 10 list.


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