2001 Intimidator SS Camaros - The Intimidation Factor

When Dale Earnhardt Sr. Put His Name On A Camaro, Everyone Paid Attention- Even Four-Time NHRA Pro Stock Champion Jeg Coughlin Jr.

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Not stopping there, the blacked-out taillight panel gives kudos to the '67-72 SS 396 Camaros. The revised progressive-rate front and rear Eibach springs help the car maintain performance in the corners while playing a prominent factor in the menacing appearance of the 1.5-inch lower ride height.

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"While driving this very special Camaro," GMMG's Matt Murphy says, "It's hard not to imagine Dale sitting next to you and saying, 'Well, get on it, HIT IT!' "

If there is any doubt that the Intimidator SS is a force to be reckoned with, this collectible Camaro SS will forever be a "humble" reminder that first place was the only acceptable position for NASCAR's most well-known racer-Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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The Intimidator SS Camaro
The Numbers
•85: Dale Earnhardt Intimidator SS Camaros were built.
•1: '00 (prototype owned by Dale Jr. and the only one Dale Sr. ever drove).
•1: '01 prototype.
•83: '01 numbered cars.
•1: '02 (non-numbered, specially built for Kelley Earnhardt).
•33: Total silver-faced dashes were signed by Dale Sr.
•Car numbers with signed dashes: 1-12, 14-28, 46, 50, 52 and two prototypes. 32 signed in black ink and 1 signed in blue ink.
•38: T-tops.
•47: Coupes.
•Both prototypes were T-tops.
•Car Number 13 was held out per Dale Sr. being superstitious.
•Last car is number 83.
•30 deposits were taken before Dale Sr.'s death.
•400 requests were received the week after the accident.
•Intimidator SS #3 is owned by DEI and is believed to have less than 40 miles on the odometer.




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