1968 Chevy Camaro Z28/RS - Thor's High-C Hammer

Owner Defies Convention Absolutely; Lives Happily Ever After

Ro McGonegal Jan 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Thor upped the audacity level, leaving the suspension entirely as it came from its Van Nuys, California, womb, adding only Koni adjustable shock absorbers and fixing the rear axle with CalTracs bars. The front subframe was insulated with JCG bushings. As it came from the assembly line, the Z/28 was equipped with power-assisted 11-inch discs at front and drum brakes on the trailing end. No hinky JL8 four-wheel discs, no 14-inch aftermarket dinner plates, either. Sure as hell wouldn't be copacetic. The Z was equipped with 15-inch wheels and that's what Thor maintained: American Torq-Thrust Ds measure 15x6 and 15x7 are joined with BFG Radial T/A 225 and 255/60 aspect rubber.

Camp_1001_12 1968_chevy_camaro_z28_rs Grille 2/19

Air conditioning was not available on any Z/28, so naturally Thor did not retrofit it to this car. Though a quick-ratio steering box was mandatory, it was not accompanied by a power assist. The interior looks completely original, downright time capsule stuff, because that's what it is. Anyone with an ounce of sense would have thrown the stock Inland shifter as far as he could and stuck Hurst linkage in the hole. Even the original Delco AM still squawks. Jesse's Upholstery in Ventura did the tango original with GM repro coverings in standard vinyl. The steering wheel is another GM item.

Camp_1001_09 1968_chevy_camaro_z28_rs Interior 3/19

In the day, you could have ordered a 35-pound fiberglass hood to clear the cross-ram air cleaner but they (as an SCCA race item) were expensive to produce and were supplanted by a 50-pound ZL2 steel rendition. Of course, Mollmann's Z wears a repro 'glass unit. JCG Restoration did the body prep and the (RPO JJ) Rallye Green paint, a two-stage PPG application. Cris Gonzalez: "It's got real beautiful contrast to it with the black stripes, the RS grille, and the blacked-out roof. The Rallye Green is a pretty fluorescent field for the black and how Thor wanted me to do it, to take it back to stock."

Camp_1001_15 1968_chevy_camaro_z28_rs Hurst_shifter 4/19

Over four years, the build consumed something like $100,000 and countless hours that Thor didn't have to relinquish. And what did it all come down to? Thor: "My most memorable experience with the car was starting up the motor for the first time ... with open exhaust." Amen.




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