1968 Chevy Camaro Z/28 - Evade

One Ride In A '68 Z/28 Left A Lifelong Mark On A Young, Influential Hot Rodder.

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Either he's a perfectionist, or a man possessed with the inability delegate. Regardless, Argue used his endless talent and experience to take on the bodywork and responsibility of spraying the exterior in PPG black pigment, all the while minding the Hermance rendering and keeping in line with the Bob Thrash graphics.

Camp_0912_02 1968_chevy_camaro_z28 Bill 2/23

Bill took a liking to the carbon-fiber look, so he waded through Anvil Auto's line of carbon-fiber goodies, including the cowl-induction hood, header panel, vent-delete cowl panel, trunk lid, and rear spoiler.

Although it was a short ride in a Z/28 almost 30 years ago, the long-term effects were enough to influence the appearance and performance of a car built many years after-only Bill Panouse's '68 goes faster, drives better, has well over 1,000 miles on it, and combines the creature comforts of a modern-built sports car. And although this Camaro owner may have never hit the game-winning homer or helped drive his teammates 100 yards to the end zone, Bill Panouses still gets the same adrenaline rush he did 30 years ago-only it's not a Z/28, it's Evade.




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