Camaro GS Concept - October 2009 Camaro Concepts

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There are two Corvette Stingrays in particular that inspired this Camaro concept: Grand Sport chassis 001 and 002. In 1962, Zora Arkus-Duntov began creating a group of five factory prototype Corvette racers. All the Corvettes built were coupes, and enjoyed early successes as they were piloted by such drivers as Dick Thompson and Roger Penske. In order to generate higher top speeds for tracks like Daytona and Le Mans, Duntov transformed two of the coupes into low windshield roadsters.

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Unfortunately, the roadsters never made it to Le Mans because GM scrapped the program in 1964. GM has honored the Grand Sport name recently though with a special C4 'Vette, and also an upcoming GS package for the C6. For this Grand Sport concept, I've decided to jump across the model lineup to the fifth-gen Camaro. Just like 001 and 002, the roof has been removed and the windshield replaced, creating a true roadster. Since GM has a successful C6R at Le Mans already, this Camaro would not be built as a competitor, but as a tribute to the past.

It would be fun to sneak it onto a track though ...

Go! Tavis Highlander




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