1971 Chevy Camaro - A Smooth Transition

The Ingredients Are Quite Simple-Make It Low And Make It Go.

Tommy Lee Byrd Aug 31, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Bolted to the small-block's crankshaft is a lightweight flywheel, which hooks up to a stock-style clutch set and sends torque through the Muncie M20 four-speed manual transmission. A classic Hurst Competition Plus shifter pokes through the console which provides the "old car" feeling, especially compared to Jeff's C6 Corvette of the same color. As most enthusiasts know, black shows every flaw, no matter the size, but Bryan Barnes of Barnes Restoration worked hard to straighten the panels to perfection before it was time to paint.

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Bryan applied a few coats of DuPont ChromaPremier, Tuxedo Black basecoat before lining out the stripes and laying down the Dover White paint. After blasting on several coats of clear, he allowed the fresh materials to cure before the color sanding and buffing process began. The finished Camaro shows great attention to detail, but that doesn't exclude the brand-new interior. Using reproduction parts from Camaro Specialty, Jeff restored the interior back to its original condition. He kept it completely stock, down to the original AM radio, which by the way still cranks out the tunes. You won't find any fancy gauges or luxuries inside this Camaro-this car is all about smooth transitions and simple styling.

Proving that a car's personality can be appealing to all enthusiasts without a complete, ground-up restoration, Jeff Houston built a wicked '71 Camaro in a matter of months. And while it won't break any records on the autocross course or the dragstrip, the car looks awesome and offers a great muscle car experience even from the passenger seat. For now, Jeff is pleased with the results, but word on the street is that he recently acquired a Chevelle, so we'll see where the new project takes him. Jeff definitely has a keen eye for details and he knows how to make a car look good. This Camaro proves it.

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