1969 Chevy Camaro - Accidental Excellence

A Chance Encounter With A Ford Pickup Ends In An Award-Winning Camaro

Mike Bumbeck Sep 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Fast forward back to the shop with one day left until Eckler's. In the dark of the night before the show, Michael Serafin and Joe took the car for a shakeout run. The decision was made to motor the 40-year-old car 40 miles to the show. Confidence overruled any concerns about odds and ends, like a missing dome light lens and horn cap for the rosewood wheel. The next morning Joe motored down to the show only to find out the car had to be registered the day before the show to be eligible to be judged against cars in its class. Once again optimism prevailed as the Eckler's triumvirate of judges were good sports and decided to give Joe and Prodigy a run on their 1,000-point scale. Not only did the car score a 992 despite the delinquent dome light lens, but was given a plaque for the best Camaro engine!

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Joe and the crew at Prodigy Customs had built a winning Camaro from a dented disaster. Michael Serafine, Lisa Serafine, Andrew Stephens, Bob Whitmore, and Ray Zimmer constructed an all-new car from the bronze up, and took an award despite unforeseen circumstances. Joe Nax? He's the happiest guy in O-town.

"Now that it's complete, the whole family is enjoying time together cruising and hanging out at shows and cruises in Florida," said Joe.

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Even with all the success of the project, Joe thought if he could do anything over, it would be to include an overdrive in the transmission department. As of this writing Joe is getting his wish. His Camaro is back down at Prodigy for installation of a Tremec TKO five-speed connected to a 540ci 770hp Scott Shafiroff engine. While 600 hp and the TH350 was fun, 770 hp with a manual transmission will be a blast. And to think the entire thing started with a pickup truck, a few dents, and some shaggy houndstooth.




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