5th-Gen Concept - June 2009 Camaro Concepts

5th-Gen Concept

Murray Pfaff Jun 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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I recently got to go for a ride in the 2010 Camaro SS. I think everyone did a great job bringing the concept to the street. A few surfaces have moved a couple of centimeters here and there, but it holds true to the original spirit. Even the interior is completely design-inspired. From the twin-pod instrument cluster, to the four-gauge pod in the console, and the unique radio/HVAC controls, everything has clean, muscular lines and surfaces.

Camp_0906_01_o 5th_gen_concept 2/2

With 420 horses pressing you into the back of the seat, it’s really a good feeling. Looking through the windshield, you feel as if you are in an airplane cockpit. Don't look for the front of the car because you won't see it. Overall, you know you are in a car that is special and has the might to back it up.

This experience inspired me to go back to some of my earlier Camaro drawings and create a race-inspired special edition. I would love to run out and pick one up to begin modifying. I’d start by setting the upper grill back and making a wire-mesh insert. Some smoked headlight covers would visually widen and lower the front. A pair of aluminum framed lower ducts would set the car apart while allowing for some aftermarket 5-inch driving lights. Twin-split chin spoilers finish off the sinister scowl. The hood features a pair of vents to help expel any pent up heat. Finally, a subtle, yet patriotic paint scheme using red, white, and blue seems just about right. Big white rims with red pinstripes complete the package.

Just don't let one sit too long in my driveway, as it might just end up looking like this!




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