2008 Best Chevy Camaros - 10 Best Camaros Of 2008

With Over 45 Car Features To Choose From, Whittling It Down To The Best Ten Was No Easy Task, So Here's 11

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As automotive magazine editors, we meet a lot of people and get asked a quite a few questions. Well, actually two: “How do I get my car in your magazine?” And, “what do you consider to be the coolest Camaro that’s ever been in the magazine?”

To be honest, we wouldn’t know how to go about trying to figure out which Camaro would be considered the all-time best. But it did give us the idea of compiling a list of the top ten Camaros of the year featured in Camaro Performers magazine in 2008. Still, that was not an easy task—quite rough actually. After all, we already have very high standards requiring feature cars to possess something special or unique in order to make it in the pages of Camaro Performers. Add to that, the editorial staff’s diverse taste in Camaros, and what each of us would deem as cool, and instantly the chore becomes even further complicated. It wasn’t as though fists were flying, but let’s just say there was quite a bit of name calling and finger pointing before we got our lists to obtain a sense of similarity.

Well, after a few days of debating and hours of “adult-like” discussion, we finally put together an elite group of what we believe to be Camaro Performers magazine’s Top Ten Camaros of 2008.

Keep in mind there was no real sophisticated method to our madness, we just picked cars each of us thought to be cool for various reasons: be it horsepower, fit and finish, body style, drivability, or just plain coolness; these ten cars represent (in no particular order), what the Camaro Performers editorial staff (Nick Licata and Steven Rupp) consider to be the best of 2008.

Jack Hodson
1967 SS  
March 2008

If ever there’s been an appropriate time to use the term “no brainer,” this would be it. Choosing Jack Hodson’s ’67 as one of our top ten Camaros was a choice the editorial staff wholeheartedly agreed upon. No cussing each other on this one.

Camp 0902 01 2008 Best Chevy Camaros Ss Side View 2/12

There’s plenty of cool and unique pieces on this car that set it apart from your average run-of-the-mill first-gen. Although we’d like to talk about them all, we wouldn’t be able to do it justice in this short amount of editorial space. We can mention the stroked and punched TPI-fed 383 that happily accepts 7-pounds of boost via a ProCharger 600B supercharger. We can also bring up the fact that Jack, with some guidance from Dean Livermore and the guys at Hot Rods by Dean in Phoenix, Arizona, did most of the work himself. The first-time hot rod builder replaced the floors and rear valance. He smoothed the firewall, patched the quarter panels, stitched in DSE subframe connectors, and beefed up the stock subframe.
“Alright Jack, now that you’ve got the hang of building a car, let’s see what you can do as a seasoned veteran.”




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