1968 Chevrolet Camaro - September 2009 Camaro Concepts

Ben Hermance Sep 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Some people just can't leave well enough alone. I'm guilty of it. When Bill Panouses contacted me to help him on his already-stunning '68 Camaro, I knew he had the same affliction.

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Bill's sleek, black ride was complimented by the polished, mesh wheels and black/red gut. The combo was already bold and impressive, but he wanted to freshen it up and add some new products that were emerging on the scene and making quite an impact. The decision had been made to utilize many of the carbon fiber body components crafted by Anvil and I had also suggested a flush-mount glass kit from Classic Auto Glass Innovations.

After talking with Bill and his builder, Tom Argue, I was confident this was going to be an outstanding car. We jumped right in and began adjusting the ride height in order to give it the aggressive look to go along with the highly-detailed wheels.

The next item on the list was the paint. Many people would be thrilled to bolt those Anvil parts on and go-they just look great. Bill, Tom, and I took on the challenge to create a scheme that showed off the carbon fiber, worked well with the surfaces and proportions of the car, and tied in the red elements presented in the engine bay, brake calipers, and interior. After several rounds of concepts and tweaks, we came to a unanimous decision on what you see here. It has a timeless and clean look with modern materials, technology, and details that are consistent with the mechanical aspects of the car. The goal of any successfully designed car is to make decisions that not only look great, but also make sense functionally and graphically as well.

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