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2010 Nickey 427 Camaros - The Nickey 427 Super Camaro Is Back!

One Of The Biggest Names In Chevrolet High Performance Returns With A Vengeance.

By Bob McClung, Photography by Bob McClung

The interiors inside the '10 Nickey 427 Super Camaro SS are also indicative to the breed. Nickey Super Camaro 001 happens to feature yellow leather inserts and specially embroidered "Nickey" insignia leather headrests and special embroidered floor mats. Rounding out the package are distinctive Nickey stripe graphics and Corvette-style "Stinger" composite hoods, with all paint work done by Route 66 Motorsports (New Lenox, Illinois) of Project American Heroes II and III fame. Every car will be serialized and entered in the Nickey Registry.

"One of the coolest aspects about this project is that we actually have key people in our organization that originally helped create the Nickey legend. Don Swiatek was the one and only high performance manager for the original Nickey Chevrolet. He and his team of master technicians were responsible for all the Nickey conversion cars.

"Through our contacts in the industry, we've established a network of approximately 10 dealerships, and we have even more calling us wanting to become involved with this program as we speak."

And what might you expect to pay for one of these '10 Nickey Camaros? They start somewhere in the neighborhood of around $12,000 for a Stage I and can run up to $40K-$60K for the 427 model shown here, and beyond the $32,730 price tag being commanded for the actual '10 Camaro RS/SS package itself.

By Bob McClung
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