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LT4 Powered 1972 Camaro - Driftwood

Arnold Warner Has Had It All, But The '72 Camaro He Calls "Driftwood" Has Become His Beacon Of Enjoyment.

By Mike Ficacci, Photography by Dan Ryder, Mike Ficacci

Over 30 years, Arnold has gone through a wide variety of American-made cars. He's had high horse brawlers, limited edition hot rods, and even a Ford or two, but nothing compares to his present Camaro. We here at the magazine love the second generation F-body and are seeing more and more of them at every Super Chevy Show. Cars like Driftwood exemplify the capabilities of these once-neglected pony cars. They're abundant, sleek, and well-balanced machines waiting to be turned into works of art.

So which is it? Full bumper or split bumper?

By Mike Ficacci
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