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1969 Camaro SS Street Machine - Liquid Assets

A Not-So-Subtle Yellow '69 Street Machine.

By Mike Harrington, Photography by Mike Harrington

The unique thing about this particular F-body, though, is the appearance. We've all seen Camaros with flames on them, but not many have ghost flames coming off the bottom and across the hood. Combine that with a slick customized interior, and its hard not to miss this first-gen even from a mile away.

The only work that was not performed in Jim's shop was the interior and paint and body. Peter from Jack's Auto Body handled much of the metal work and paint gun duties. From the black leather dash to the yellow and white leather seats, the custom grille and custom taillights. When stopped at any intersection in this California canyon carver, Jim and Sandra are greeted by a slew of thumbs up, or cell phones snapping pictures.

By Mike Harrington
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