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1967 Chevy Camaro - HGH: It's Not Only For Ball Players

This Granada Gold '67 RS/SS Has Obvious Ties To The Balco Steroid Scandal.

By Mike Ficacci, Photography by Dan Ryder

When all was said and done, Lou's father installed a fiberglass 6-inch cowl, and she was stripped down and recoated with the factory Granada Gold paint. They installed Auto Meter Phantom gauges, a Hurst shifter, Weld Magnum wheels (15x14 rear/15x31/2 front), Moroso DS-2 skinnies, and a set of 33x10W Hoosiers out back.

End result: 9.59 at 142 mph without the sauce, and 8.64 at 158 on the spray, making this Super Chevy worthy and classified as a serious high-horse street machine.

Still not satisfied, Lou plans to install a twin-turbo kit in the near future for even more speed and improved streetability.

By Mike Ficacci
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Super Chevy