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A Stock 1970 SS350 Camaro - Million Mile'maro

Emma Ely Is The Original Owner Of This Nassau Blue SS350.

By Lorrie Delk Walker, Photography by

That was a surprise Emma had not anticipated. The mini-restoration cost the retired nurse about $6,000-nearly twice what she originally paid for the car, but that's OK. "I love it," she said. "It probably looks better now than when it was new."

When Rob teased her about selling the car to him, she used that 25-year-old Midas muffler as an excuse to hold onto the car a while longer. "I have a lifetime warranty on that muffler, and I'm going to make sure it lasts," Emma said.

In addition to her muffler paperwork, Emma now has to keep track of the paperwork for her paintjob. Rob gave her a lifetime warranty on that, too. "She's had this car so long, I don't think she should have to pay for another paintjob," Rob said.

Rob tried to convince Emma to allow him to replace the Camaro's original hubcaps with Rally wheels during the restoration. Emma said no. It isn't a "less is more" attitude that keeps Emma from adding the sporty touch to her car. For her, less is just right.

By Lorrie Delk Walker
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