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Mallet 1998 Corvette

This Supercharged ’98 Thrives In Utah’s Thin Air

Ronnie Hartman Dec 1, 2000

Step By Step

Steven Schroeder wanted his C5’s looks and performance to stand out among the others. He’d already owned three big-blocks, a ’67, a ’68, and a ’69 435, so his primary mission was to look distinctive while attaining maximum driveable power.

Chuck Mallett’s 435 package caught his eye. Chuck’s cars are bred for speed, endurance, and reliability. His One Lap of America Corvette is a well-known example of all three qualities. Chuck also drives it to work, and down the road to the Dairy Queen at lunchtime.

Steven tracked Chuck down at the premier aftermarket event, SEMA, in Las Vegas. Chuck took the time to answer all of Steven’s questions, impressing him with his passion for what he does and the way he works. Steve made a visit to Mallett Cars, watched the process, and decided to go for it. He wrote a check that day and had his ’98 drop-shipped from the dealer two months later. He figured that living in Sandy, Utah, at 4,200 feet above sea level, supercharging was mandatory for the horsepower he craved. Chuck explained that would take longer, but Steve was willing to wait.

Now that the unusual but stock-colored Purple Pearl Metallic six-speed is in his possession, he drives it “as often as possible.” This rocket displaces 372 cubic inches and throws down more than 500 hp at the rear wheels. Steven opted for a four-point chassis stiffener, stainless OEM-style two-outlet mufflers, Fikse three-piece forged ARO, bronze-anodized 18-inch wheels, Michelin Pilot Sport tires, a 427 carbon-glass hood, five-point safety harnesses, stainless flexible brake lines, short-tube stainless steel headers, and a competition brake package.

It’s everything he hoped for—and that’s what counts.


Mallett Cars
Berea, OH 44017

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