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1982 Corvette

A Reliable Daily Driver That Lends A Little Flash To Sales Calls

Ronnie Hartman Nov 1, 2000

Step By Step

Yanya McReynolds knows that a Corvette is an all-American car. But two years ago when she gave up her conservative Toyota Camry for this ´82, she insisted on a name that would convey muscle. While a man often refers to his Corvette as "she," Yanya wanted a tough, German-sounding name. She settled on "Franz." (Seems to me "Olga" would have worked but, hey, it’s her car.)

Yanya is in sales, so she needed a car that would be reliable. Her boss had doubts that Franz would do the trick, but he’s dependable--she’s got a 50-mile roundtrip commute to her office, plus sales calls, and since she’s careful about routine maintenance, he’s always ready to go whenever she is. She gets plenty of compliments on Franz from her clients, but Yanya knows he’s more than just a pretty face.

Although the ´82 has the oft-maligned Cross-Fire engine, like many Cross-Fire owners, Yanya has had no trouble with it. Cross-Fire Injection was Chevrolet’s attempt to improve fuel economy and performance, and the system differed from earlier fuel-injected models. The carburetor was eliminated, and the dual throttle body injection was controlled by a computerized system that could make up to 80 adjustments per second. It may not have packed Corvette’s greatest performance punch, but loyalists say it does just fine.

While the only transmission choice was automatic, this fine specimen has creature comforts included. There’s a power seat, a power antenna, power windows and locks, cruise control, and air conditioning--important since Yanya lives in Florida. When she and husband Tim bought the car, they replaced the carpet and a few other items, but it’s still basically stock. Although it’s a daily driver, the license plate tells the story. Yanya drives this Corvette "4 FUNN." Husband Tim drives a ´74 tagged "4 FUNN2." Sounds like one happy family.

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