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The Ladies Who Love America’s Sports Car

Dustin Dwyer Oct 1, 2001

Step By Step

Museum Divas: Stephanie Ferrell, Bobbie Lee, Amy Wilson, Michelle Halcomb, Angela Parkinson, Pam Pillow, Karen Akers, Shannon Marble, Judy Yanko, Christy Thomas, Betty Hardison.

Last year in the October issue, we introduced you to a round of ladies whose passion for the Corvette matches any man’s. After all, in this age of equal opportunity, girls are claiming their share of the fun! When that issue hit the newsstands, and your mailboxes, the fun really began, as we heard from more women who own and love the only sports car that matters. Often it was their husbands or boyfriends who submitted their photos and stories. It was clear we had to go another round—so here they are, the 2001 Corvette Divas!

This year we’re also featuring the ladies of the National Corvette Museum, a group of passionate women that deserves recognition. Not all of them own Corvettes, but each of them holds it close to their hearts as they work every day to preserve the Corvette legacy. We owe them a debt of gratitude for their labors. Here’s our collective “Thank you!” for all the events you help organize, the Museum deliveries you arrange, the Corvette merchandise you stock and ring up for us, the phone calls you answer, the membership you serve, the record-keeping you do, the press releases and photos you make available, and all the behind-the-scenes work you perform so cheerfully. Where would the Museum—and the hobby—be without you? We appreciate you all!

—Ronnie Hartman

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