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Bullet Bob’s ´99 Corvette

It’s Already Traversed The Contiguous 48 States

Ronnie Hartman May 1, 2000

Step By Step

Robert ("Bullet Bob") Ellis isn’t worried about putting miles on his Corvette--even though it holds the distinction of being the last fixed-roof hardtop of the ´99 model year. The retired print shop teacher lives with his wife, Ann, in Rocky River, Ohio, but that’s just an address. You’re far more likely to find them on the road than at home.

They attended the NCCC convention in Cleveland and just kept going! (Bob's been an NCCC member since 1972.) Leaving Cleveland on December 20, they spent Christmas in Atlanta and New Year's in Florida. When Bob and Ann arrived home six weeks later, they'd covered 21 states and 7,700 miles. By the time they arrived at Mid America's Funfest last September, they'd logged 9,600 miles through 27 states, and showed no sign of slowing down.

Bob says the car "basically ignores rain and snow." They were surprised by a blizzard in Vermont and New Hampshire, but had no difficulty at all navigating the curvy, sometimes sloppy mountain roads. (How many of us would have risked that with our earlier Corvettes?) They found Mount Snow closed due to snow. Bunch of wimps.

In addition to the extensive domestic travel, the Ellis’ trusty ´99 has taken them to New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec--and through five time zones. Pity that Corvette can’t swim--they’d have done Europe by now.

The Ellises sure don't rough it along the way. The Pewter/Black Corvette is well equipped with the six-way power driver seat, head-up display, performance handling package, and other goodies. The six-speed, of course, is standard. Mustn't forget to mention the 12-CD changer in the back storage area and the tape deck in the dash. Bob couldn't live without the Dixieland music he says keeps him "in the enthused driving mode."

After six months and more than 20,000 miles of ownership, Bob and Ann are still enthralled with their newest Corvette. Years ago they’d bought a new ´65, but that wouldn’t have provided the kind of touring they’re doing now. Bob says his new Corvette is the most comfortable he’s ever been in, and its only purpose is pleasure.

He sure seems to be getting his money's worth.

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