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1999 Corvette

The C5 Registry’s Showcase Car is an Advertisement for Fun

Andrew Bolig Apr 1, 2000

Step By Step

The C5 Registry had a predicament. Many of the members have modified their Corvettes, and many others wanted to do similar modifications. But problems arise at a show when the owners of the modified cars try to meet with the owners of the soon-to-be-modified cars. The last thing a Corvette owner wants is to be at a show like Corvettes at Carlisle and have to stay by his/her Corvette so some other owner can come over and listen to the exhaust. Trying to get owners together on a huge fairground is just that--trying.

To solve this kind of problem, the C5 Registry teamed up with Steve Moore Chevrolet to become the caretakers of a ´99 Corvette for one year. They’ve modified their Moore Chevrolet Corvette with aftermarket pieces to serve as a showcase for what is available from manufacturers, and how those parts look and work once installed. An extensive list of aftermarket manufacturers noted the potential that was available, due to the C5 Registry’s nearly 3,000-member base, and the lines began to form.

Dan Adovasio and Jake Drennon, directors of the C5 Registry, have been able to experience the best that Chevrolet has to offer and the opportunity to personalize and modify this fine example as they have seen fit, and to help unify C5 owners at the same time.

The owners of the latest-body-style Corvette have broken nearly all the precedents that existed prior to the C5. Their pursuit of horsepower is frenzied, and they settle for nothing less than all the horsepower they can find. Buying a brand new Corvette is quite an undertaking, and it's easy to believe that there'd be considerable contentment in experiencing America's ultimate sports car. This proves not to be the case. There's a word for a person who would modify a vehicle with only 1,000 miles on the odometer for the sake of more horsepower. Obsessive.

This car is familiarizing C5 owners with products they can use on their own Corvettes. It traveled through the show season as the most fun-filled billboard known to man. The C5 Registry would like to thank those who have contributed to making this undertaking a success, and thanks to the C5 Registry for sharing this blue billboard with us!

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