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Christy Sasser’s 2000 Corvette

She Waited a Long Time to Turn the Key in a Corvette

Ronnie Hartman Oct 1, 2001

Step By Step

Christy Sasser’s Corvette dream began when she was just 5 years old. A family friend owned one, and she was enthralled with it. “That’s the car I want when I’m 16,” the little girl informed her dad. Her sweet 16th came and went without that Corvette—or any other—but that was not to be her only Corvette disappointment. Years later, her husband Mike bought a Corvette, but it was a six-speed. Try as she might, she couldn’t master it. She began to think that driving a Corvette was something she’d never do.

Then last year she and Mike made the trek from their Georgia home to the first Corvette Forum Cruise-in at the National Corvette Museum and took the plant tour. That’s when Lady Luck smiled on Christy. She was selected to start a brand new Corvette as it came off the line. “I got the Fever that instant,” she told us. “I started the car, blew the horn a couple of times, and received a certificate from the plant. After being around Corvettes all weekend, and the plant experience, I just had to have one of my own.”

She and Mike are now the happy owners of this Torch Red/Black interior 2000 and a Black/Black interior ’98 coupe, and are proud members of the National Corvette Museum. Their Corvettes are both basically stock, except for a few appearance changes. The 2000 has a B&B Tri-Flo Sport exhaust, a Breathless Performance’s brushed rear exhaust plate, and titanium 38 percent window tint.

Christy now has a company car and her Corvette is no longer a daily driver, yet it boasts 37,000 happily driven miles. Christy and Mike have immersed themselves in the Corvette lifestyle. They’ve attended both Corvette Forum Cruise-ins and frequently participate in local events, including regional Corvette Forum activities like weekend cruises and one-day road tours, even hosting last year’s Christmas party for Atlanta area members.

This little girl’s Corvette dream has come true in a really big way. We’re glad she didn’t lose faith. All good things come to those who wait.

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