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Wes Tredo's 2000 Millennium Yellow Coupe

Hooked For Life

Andrew Bolig Aug 1, 2000

Step By Step

At the impressionable age of 14, Wes Tredo was introduced to the “new” ’53 Corvette via stories his father would recite to him from his trip to the Motorama Show in New York City. His father was a Chevrolet dealer in upstate New York, and Wes would get encapsulated in stories that his dad would tell him about the new Corvette he had seen at the show. Wes recalls hearing about this new, wondrous machine and how a 5-pound hammer was set up to hit one of the fenders which was made out of this “fiberglass material,” doing no damage to the panel!

His dad’s stories fueled Wes’ imagination and he dreamed of one day owning such a car. When young Wes got an opportunity to experience the ’53 Corvette in person, he was “hooked for life!”

His first chance to experience the thrill of driving such a machine would come many years later in the form of a ’63 split-window coupe. The car was a 327/300hp with a three-speed. This would be another moment in time added to his list of unforgettable Corvettes. From dreaming of a Corvette as a child, to having the opportunity to drive one, owning a Corvette was just a natural progression. That opportunity came to Wes in 1981, when he purchased a ’66 coupe. Since then, Wes has afforded himself the ownership of a ’94, followed by a ’96 Collector’s Edition, a ’99 Pewter coupe—and now this 2000 Millennium Yellow coupe that he picked up at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Wes’ current Corvette has options like six-way power sport seats, active handling, the Z51 performance handling package, and a stereo with CD player—enough options to fuel the fires ignited those first days of the Motorama Corvette back in 1953.

With Corvettes in his blood, Wes sought out others with the same insatiable desire for America’s Sports Car. That led him to join the NCCC, the C5 Registry, the Bay Area Corvette Club, and the National Corvette Museum as a life member. No one can doubt that Wes has had an admirable Corvette past brimming with fulfilled dreams and fond memories, and if the past is any indicator of things to come, Wes’ Corvette future is equally promising.

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