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John Geigle’s ’63 Coupe

It May Have Been Hard To See Out The Back, But The ’63 Split-Window Sure Looked Great Coming Or Going!

Ronnie Hartman Aug 1, 2000

Step By Step

There are those who think a Corvette doesn’t get better than the legendary split-window ’63, and it’s hard to argue with them. Body and chassis were completely redesigned that year, and—voila! We had the first Corvette coupe! Sales were understandably brisk, and more than 10,000 of these uniquely styled coupes were produced, along with roughly the same number of convertibles. While the split rear window may have been impractical for the driver, and therefore fated to grace only the ’63 coupe, it sure was an eye magnet from the outside.

John Geigle’s Riverside Red one makes a compelling case for the split-window to win the “Most Dramatic Corvette Styling” award. When a friend led John to her three years ago, this ’63 had been professionally restored and was in perfect condition. It also boasted an automatic transmission and air conditioning, a pretty unusual combination. John had already owned a ’63 split-window—a blue one—but the red version was too good to pass up. He had to have her. He says he’ll never let her go.

Today, she sports only 47,000 miles, but she doesn’t live in an ivory tower. John drives her every week, all year long. He lives in Largo, Florida, so there’s no down time. And there are more awards to be won.

So she’s out there working, reaffirming the obvious: This Corvette remains one of GM’s finest design statements. Thank you, Larry Shinoda.

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