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Mitzi and Mike Taylor’s Sateen Silver ’62

They Plan To Keep This Beauty For A Long Time To Come

Tom Rounds Aug 1, 2000

Step By Step

This sparkling Sateen Silver ’62 is one of seven Corvettes sitting in Mitzi and Mike Taylor’s garage. Back in 1997, Mike was looking through Hemmings Motor News when he spotted this Corvette. It was located in Richmond, Virginia, and was an estate car that had been sitting in storage for more than 10 years. When Mitzi and Mike purchased it, it was still the original color, Sateen Silver, but was in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint. The standard red interior was showing its years as well, and it was time it received a complete re-do.

Once Mitzi and Mike purchased the Corvette and brought it to their home in Tampa, Florida, it was time to get started on the restoration. The Corvette was taken to the late Paul Jones at Past & Present Corvettes in Largo, Florida, where the work would be done. It was stripped in preparation for the paint and bodywork, and then taken to Mid Country Collision in Largo. Mitzi and Mike wanted the car to be original, so when the bodywork was completed and it was time for painting, Sateen Silver paint was their color choice.

After the paint and bodywork was completed, the car was brought back to Past & Present Corvettes for reassembly. With the paint looking great, Mike decided to replace all the chrome trim pieces and the front and back bumpers so the entire car would shine like it was meant to. With only 43,000 miles on the original stock engine, all that was required was a little detailing, and the car was ready to roll.

Mitzi and Mike drive this Corvette, but sparingly—only to club events, shows, and that occasional Sunday afternoon drive. They’re taking it easy because they plan to keep this beauty for a long time to come.

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