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Larry Feldbusch's ’66

This Corvette Shares A Home With Some Other All-American Treasures

Ronnie Hartman Jun 1, 2000

Step By Step

Larry Feldbusch is living his very personalized version of the American dream. For years he has focused on what he sees as the best this country has to offer. In addition to a ’62 Corvette, the ’66 pictured here, an ’89, and a brand new 2000, he owns three Harley-Davidsons. Does this guy understand about American icons, or what?

He snatched up this Nassau Blue ’66 in 1970, and has never let go. For the nearly 30 years he’s owned her, he’s traded tender loving care for the joy of driving, showing, and winning.

And win he has. This special Corvette has captured Bloomington Gold, four Top Flight Awards, and a Gold Spinner—enough to merit the Triple Crown at the Chicago Chevy/Vettefest a few years ago. No wonder this Corvette has a special place in his heart.

The Corvette sports a stock engine (327ci, 350hp), Muncie four-speed transmission, power steering, tinted glass, Goldwall tires, and an AM/FM radio. The Nassau Blue paint is complemented nicely by the impeccable Dark Blue interior.

A complete body-off restoration spiffed her up in 1988. The work was done by Marrah Auto Body in Owosso, Michigan, not far from Larry and his wife, Linda’s, northern home. (They offset Michigan frigidity with a place in Palm Harbor, on Florida’s west coast.) After the body-off restoration, work on the car continued for a few more years. Its first award was at an NCRS meet in the spring of 1992. She took a Top Flight there, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Larry hasn’t shown the car in the past four years, but it remains a source of pride and pleasure. When we spoke to him at his Michigan home in February, he told us he’s been having some serious health problems this past year. Larry, we’re not doctors, but we think it would do you good to get yourself, your wife, and that ’66 down here to the Florida sunshine. In the meantime, we’re all pulling for you.

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