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Jim Drobniewski's Ermine White Corvette

A First-Time Restorer Takes Top Honors With This ’67

Tom Rounds Jun 1, 2000

Step By Step

Jim Drobniewski purchased his Ermine White ’67 Corvette in 1988 from the third owner. After purchasing his dream car, the first and only Corvette he’s ever owned, Jim decided to spiff it up. What started as a good detailing on the engine compartment soon snowballed into a six-month, bumper-to-bumper restoration. At the outset, Jim had little knowledge of Corvette restoration and didn’t know many people in the Corvette hobby, so he depended on books to obtain the information he needed.

As some of Jim’s Corvette friends learned about the restoration, they encouraged him to take it to Bloomington. He had no idea what Bloomington Gold was at the time, but it sounded like fun, so he registered.

First was a tune-up judging at an NCRS Chapter meet in Michigan where he won a Top Flight, then it was off to Bloomington. Jim enjoyed many compliments on the car, and everyone admired the small-block’s quality restoration. By the time Jim left the show, he’d achieved Bloomington Gold certification. The next step was to enter an NCRS Regional meet, so he packed up his car and headed to Toronto, where he claimed another Top Flight Award. Now it was time to go for the Duntov Award, another trip to Toronto for a Performance Verification, and the Corvette was ready for the National Convention in Warren, Michigan. Jim and his ’67 captured a Top Flight, and then the Duntov Award.

To keep the car in top condition, Jim looks for quality NOS pieces to replace any questionable or remanufactured parts. He’s justifiably proud that, on his own, with his first Corvette, he performed a restoration worthy of both Bloomington Gold certification and a Duntov Award on his first attempt. A tip of the Corvette Fever hat to you, Jim.

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