1980 Chevrolet Camaro - Keyed To Success

After This Camaro was Vandalized it began a New Life

Randy West has had this ’80 Camaro around his shop for over 12 years. He bought it as a senior in high school from the original owner and had to listen to his buddies laugh at the stock hubcaps, 305 engine, and cracking paint. For about two years, Randy worked to improve the looks by adding custom wheels, a spoiler, dual exhaust, custom hood, and new paint. Then, while parked in a hotel parking lot after a show, the car was “keyed.”

West was so distraught that he parked the Camaro and decided to throw a quick paint job on it to sell it right away. Once he started though, Randy changed his mind. The car was completely disassembled, all the hardware replaced with stainless steel, the chassis completely smoothed and painted, the body filled and endlessly block sanded, and everything eventually painted with a DuPont special-mixed purple. Then it was time to decide on the engine.

West went for a serious powerplant. It may have started as a boring stock 350, but after balancing, blueprinting, a slight overbore, beefy internals, and a B&M Mega Blower, there’s nothing mundane about the 600 horsepower it now cranks out. By contrast, however, the interior is luxuriously finished in lambskin and accented with loads of chrome and billet hardware. And to think Randy owes all this to some no-brainer that scratched up his car. Although we’re sure he’d still like a couple of words with whoever that was.

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