1968 Chevy Camaro RS - Jagged In ZZd Out

It's the little old lady's car story.

Tony Kelly Oct 16, 2007 0 Comment(s)
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Sure, we’ve all heard the stories about a car belonging to the little old lady. Just because you’ve heard one, though, doesn’t mean there aren’t more. Mark Terschluse came upon this pristine ‘68 Camaro 17 years ago after the old lady traded it in on a new Jaguar.

The Camaro’s 210hp 327 engine ran like a top, having only motivated the Camaro for a little over 47,000 miles. The body was still wearing the original Ivy Gold paint along with the black vinyl top, and the interior was equally as original with Ivy Gold seats.

Mark kept it original for 15 years but then he had it bored. He had heard about the GM Performance ZZ430 limited-production crate engines and went ahead and ordered one even though he had no plan for it. It wasn’t too long after the engine arrived that he formulated a plan for the engine and Camaro.

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