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Mason Gott's Sting Ray

This '63 Was Built To Beat The Competition--on The Track And The Show Field

Randy Bolig May 1, 2001

Step By Step

What do you get when you stuff 468 cubic inches of tire-melting horsepower in one very light '63 Sting Ray? If you ask Mason Gott, a self-employed contractor from Maryland, he'll say, "A handful of excitement."

Mason started with a 454 block, bored its cylinders .060 over, and then filled the holes with 12:1 slugs. A very stout roller cam actuates the inhale and exhale valves in the Bow Tie heads that pull the life-giving juices from the two Edelbrock 600-cfm carburetors perched atop the Bow Tie intake. To transfer all of that horsepower to the road, Mason uses a 3.64 Posi rearend coupled to the engine by a race-prepped TH350 transmission and actuated by a B&M hammer shifter.

The folks at C&C Customs in Tennessee performed the necessary work to this Pearl Yellow screamer, including the installation of the Art Morrison rear framework that supports the launch factor. The rolling stock on this cruiser consists of M/T 28-18.50/15 on the back and M/T frontrunners mounted on Budnik wheels. The front and rear Wilwood brake calipers ensure that this potent Sting Ray stops when it needs to. The posh leather interior is the only deviation from the '63's race persona, and since Mason's Corvette is a driver, comfort is a must.

Mason's car is by no means a poseur, and with a best time of 10.83 at 135 mph, the Corvette racing heritage is well protected.

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