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Euell Stallings Jr.'s '67 427

Take My Corvette And Call Me In The Morning

Andy Bolig Apr 1, 2001

Step By Step

We look to our doctors to improve our health and, inclusively, our lives. More often than not we pay for their services, but what they provide may not always be chemical. Euell Stallings Jr. trusts his doctor's opinion, in matters medical and automotive.

When Euell's doctor told him he wanted to sell his '67 427/435hp Corvette, it wasn't a hard pill to swallow, and he'll readily admit that it has greatly improved his life. His wife Denise and their five children are happy with the changes, too. Euell tells us that his doctor put him on a weekly regimen of driving--and he's following doctor's orders to the letter. This type of alternative medicine has garnered the attention of some very prestigious organizations, too. The NCRS has awarded Euell's Corvette the Duntov Award.

There was, however, some fine-tuning to the prescription before the right combination was found. Seems the protective gel coating on this mobile-medicine was not up to standard, so they brought in a specialist by the name of Dewey Hendricks of Dewey's Just Vettes for the fix. Dewey used his expertise to ensure that the car would be safe and have a positive effect on Euell's well-being. Once the surgical procedures were complete, he had Roger Bass finalize the operation with this stunning Rally Red lacquer paint.

You knew there would have to be mention of a heart transplant in a story like this. Seems that Euell's car had that procedure, too. The original engine's whereabouts were unknown until it appeared in an advertisement in the February '90 issue of Vette Vues. The engine was again transplanted into the original donor and, as you can see, it was a success.

Euell definitely enjoys a healthy Corvette lifestyle, but that's because he follows his doctor's orders. Euell, can we get the name of that doc?

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