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A showcase of Corvette Fever readers and their rides.

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Does Ken Get To Drive?

Ray and Bert Doerr purchased their 40th Anniversary Corvette just two months before their 40th wedding anniversary. Ray then did a "body-off" restoration on a Barbie electric Corvette car to match the fullsize vehicle, and affixed working headlights. He built a trailer for it too and tows it through parades and car shows. Ray writes more about the toy car in his letter than the real thing. Maybe he's more proud of it.

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Like Father, Like Son

Rodney Campbell of Burton, Michigan, sent us photos of his father's dream swap. It's a '56 with a late-model front end, a four-link, 9-inch Ford rearend, a four-speed, and the ZZ502 engine. The restoration took about two years, and now he has a '57 of his own for father-son cruise-ins.

Does your Corvette have the right stuff for Spotlight? Well, proveit. Send your photos and story to Corvette Fever, Your Ride in the Spotlight,9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. Remember when taking photos tofill the frame and try to avoid clutter in the background. And if you'reusing a digital camera, use the maximum resolution.

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Presidential Sweet

Paul Koons' '56 Corvette is a clone of the SR-2 version made for GM President Harlow Curtis. It features a '58-style louvered hood, an extended front end, Dayton knockoff wheels, a side scoop, a center trunk fin, large turn-signal lights, '58 taillights, backup lights, power windows, hardtop and soft top, and a 283ci fuel-injected engine. The car took seven years to create.

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Love Thy Neighbor

Kenneth Squires wanted a Corvette ever since he was 14 years old when his neighbor brought home a brand new '57. In 1996, Kenneth purchased his dream car: a '70 Corvette roadster. The red '70 has a black interior, chrome Rally wheels, soft and hard tops, and an LS5, 454ci engine. It also has the original air conditioning, power brakes and windows, and an AM/FM stereo.

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Sizing Up The Competition

John Kohronas' '94 Competition Yellow convertible is fully equipped with all the options and some of his own modifications. John has added SLP headers, Borla mufflers, a 52mm throttle body and 3.54:1 rear gears, a Hypertech power programmer, an adjustable fuel regulator, and a Granatelli mass airflow sensor. He pounds out the tunes with a Competition sound system from L.I. Sounds of New York.

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Family Tradition

Kregg Reynolds, of Knoxville, Maryland, acquired his taste for Corvettes from his father, who owned a '58. Kregg started with a '74 and has owned 10 Corvettes in all, including this black '99 hardtop.

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Sam Falzarano purchased this numbers-matching '66 Corvette coupe in September 1998 and did an immediate frame-off restoration. A full-optioned big-block rests under the hood, Sam replacing the original intake with an aluminum Edelbrock high-rise.


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