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Generation Gap

I have been a subscriber to Corvette Fever for about 20 years and it's the best mag on Corvettes. I read it from front to back as soon as it comes; it's like therapy for the soul. About me: I am a 62-year-old who never grew up, at least when it comes to cars. My first encounter with a Corvette was in 1953 when my parents pulled into a service station.

Next to the lube bay was a white car. I jumped out of our car to ask the attendant what it was. Yes, it was a '53 in all its splendor. From then on, the fever set in. But it wasn't until around 1981 that I finally got my first baby--a '74 yellow roadster. It earned 24 First Place wins over two years. Some 18 years later, I bought this fine '94 LT1 with the 4L60E trans, and I love it. No mods on the engine were performed other than a K&N system and an airfoil in the intake.

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About 30 minutes after I picked up the car, the salesman called to tell me his boss had a buyer for the car on eBay. I just smiled and headed home with a great car.

Does your Corvette have the right stuff for Spotlight? Well, proveit. Send your photos and story to Corvette Fever, Your Ride in the Spotlight,9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. Remember when taking photos tofill the frame and try to avoid clutter in the background. And if you'reusing a digital camera, use the maximum resolution.

Coaster Corvette

Anthony Larosa, a member of the C.A.A.R.S. of Scottsdale, Arizona, owns this Mille Miglia Red '70 Corvette. His interest in Corvettes began when he was only 17. Just after he got his driver's license, he convinced his father to look at a '72 Corvette Stingray. The owner of the car wanted to show him how well it handled; so, with Anthony's father looking on, the man took Anthony and the car for a little testdrive. He drove under a highway overpass, locked the brakes and, downshifting from Third into Second, hung a U-turn. Just as the back started to slide he let out the clutch, punched out Second, and came to a stop right in front of Anthony's father. According to Anthony, "This beat the rush I felt sitting in the first car on the Cyclone, a roller coaster in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York." His father didn't share his excitement, to say the least. The two left immediately and Anthony's Corvette dreams were put on hold for some 20 years.

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When he was 37, Anthony finally found this beautiful convertible. He spent the next three years removing all of the aftermarket parts and painstakingly searching for the original ones in order to return the car to stock. Ken Carollo of the Vette Shoppe in Tempe did what Anthony couldn't. Ken did all of the work on the engine, transmission, and rearend. After tweaking the motor a bit himself, Anthony ended up with 350 horses net at the rear wheels. The Corvette has a Muncie four-speed and 3.36:1 gears. It also has A/C, power brakes and steering, leather seats, custom interior trim, and a passenger-side mirror.

Anthony made his first Route 66 run in May 1999, from Seligman to Golden Shores, and was at the first ever "Vette Fest West." The Corvette was selected as one of Corvette Fever's top five picks on Saturday, May 14, 1999.

Anthony said he was hoping for his 15 minutes of fame here in CF, and now he has it.


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