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These Commemorative Edition Corvettes Honor the Racing Champions

Andy Bolig Jun 6, 2003 0 Comment(s)

There are two Commemorative Edition packages available, one for the Z06 and one for the coupe and convertible Corvettes. The C5 coupe and convertible Commemorative Editions, while not at the performance levels of the Z06, still carry the Corvette Racing banner with their Le Mans Blue paint, special emblems, and a clean, classic shale-colored interior. For the more timorous Corvette driver, the coupe or convertible allows them to show their pride in the accomplishments of the Corvette with 350 hp wrapped in taste, sophistication, and style; while the Limited Edition Z06, the more raucous member of the C5 family, hammers the fact home with 405 hp and a special graphics package covering its trunk, roof, and new carbon-fiber hood.

The carbon-fiber hood represents the first time this advanced material has been used as original equipment for a painted exterior panel on a North American- produced vehicle. To keep the hood's Le Mans Blue finish consistent with the rest of the car, special care was needed to align the carbon fibers in a single direction. The unique Le Mans Blue paint with a silver and red center graphic will appear on the race car only at Le Mans for 2003 and on the street with a limited number of '04 Commemorative Edition Z06s.

More than just paint and emblems, the Z06 gets increased performance through refinements. The carbon-fiber hood, available only on the Commemorative Edition version of the '04 Z06, weighs only 20.5 pounds, which is 10.6 pounds lighter than the standard C5 hood. The suspension received slight tweaking that provides for quicker, smoother response when pushed to the limit. While the enhancements for the '04 Z06 are not extreme in terms of parts, the increase in performance and feel is greatly increased. The shock's damping characteristics have been revised to provide improved handling while maintaining good ride control for everyday driving. Through changing the shock's valves, the impact of yaw and roll on the car in a series of tight corners or S-turns is greatly reduced.




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