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Bob Nagy's '63

This Sting Ray Drinks Alcohol, And It Shows!

Andy Bolig Jan 1, 2001

Step By Step

Bob Nagy has the right idea: Take an unmistakable body style and make it so fast the fans will never forget it.

This ’63 Sting Ray body was formed by Hairy Glass in Jacksonville, Florida (you didn’t think Bob would cut up a real one!), and put on a ’98 LJ chrome-moly chassis. While the paint and body style are quite obvious, what really grabs your attention is the alcohol-injected propellant that bulges out of the hood like it’s wearing a shirt three sizes too small. Oddy’s Automotive in Elma, New York, is responsible for creating the monster under ’glass which produces over 1,800 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm. While it takes 500 hp to drive the 34 percent overdriven blower, the return for such labor is over 2,300 hp at the flywheel.

Withstanding that much horsepower and torque requires a special clutch like the three-disk slider by Crower, which takes the torque to the three-speed Lenco transmission. DOT-approved tires would instantly become asphalt crayons, so Bob relies on Goodyear 34.5x17-16 tires to keep a firm grip on the track with 25x4.5-15s taking care of directions. It takes more than sticky tires to hold down this much horsepower, and the four-link with coilover shocks in the rear coupled with the strut front suspension do their job pretty well. This is evidenced by the 3 g’s of acceleration this car produces as it covers 60 feet in just one second! The average e.t. for the season is 6.58 seconds at 213 mph, with a best speed of 219.01 mph.

Feeding this Sting Ray doesn’t come easy, or cheap, because for each quarter-mile pass, it consumes 6 gallons of fuel. Like we said, this Sting Ray drinks alcohol, and it shows.

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