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Chip's 1989 Favorite

Chip Miller Has An Extensive Collection Of Race Cars. See Why He Likes This One Best.

Ronnie Hartman Jan 1, 2001

Step By Step

Anyone who knows anything about Chip Miller is aware that he loves Corvettes—and has owned quite a few of them over the years. You have to know the Carlisle Productions co-owner a little better, though, to know that he’s also a racing fanatic. His personal collection includes nine Corvette racers, five of them Corvette Challenge cars.

Chip got hooked on Corvettes when he was just barely a teenager, and owned his first (a ’60) by the time he was 19. His love of Corvettes is probably a major factor in the success of the annual Corvettes at Carlisle event, which has been a sellout these past couple of years.

Chip indulges a competitive streak on the track—and he doesn’t just bring up the rear, either. In the Oct. ’97 issue of CF we reported his success with his No. 7 Shawn Hendricks Corvette Challenge race car at Sebring that year. He tells us, though, that the No. 17 Challenge car featured here is his favorite. “While it’s not my most pristine car, I find I can take it out at speed. If I wreck it, it can be fixed. It’s like a driver,” he told us. A historic race car to run with no stress attached. Wow.

This ’89 has quite a history, too. In the ’89 Corvette Challenge series, it went into the last race, at St. Petersburg, Florida, in Fourth Place for the championship. It won that race, after a pit stop and restarting dead last. It finished in Third Place in that series, bouncing the No. 7 Shawn Hendricks car from Third to Fourth. Chip has since retired the No. 7 car from vintage racing, and runs only No. 17.

Chip’s other Corvette Challenge race cars include the winner of that ’89 series, the No. 3 Bill Cooper car; the ’88 No. 33 car driven by Mark Dismore (it won the inaugural race at Dallas); and an ’89 Challenge car that has never been raced. He refers to the No. 33 and the No. 17 cars as “Bookends: No. 33 won the first race of the series, and No. 17 won the last.”

A truly impressive collection. And it’s in good hands.

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