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Doug Hanson’s 1994 C4

From The Sales Floor To The Front Of Our Camera—Doug Hanson’s Yellow Corvette Is Right On Time

Andy Bolig Jan 1, 2001

Step By Step

Doug Hanson lives in Mesa, Arizona, but that didn’t stop him from conquering the altitudes to attend the Vettes on the Rockies Corvette show held again this year in Frisco, Colorado.

That’s where we found Doug pampering his ride to a good hand-washing after their trip. The Competition Yellow paint was searing in the sunlight and we had to get some photos of the car with the spectacular mountainous surroundings.

Doug was more than accommodating. He understands that his car attracts attention—he was also recently smitten with the color. He’d just purchased this Corvette a week earlier from the original owner, Linda Van Scoy. They’d been e-mailing about some Corvette club issues. While working out some details, he simply asked if she and her husband had ever considered selling her yellow ’95 Corvette. As luck would have it, just the night before they had decided to put the car up for sale. At that point, the only thing left was to sign on the dotted line.

The previous owners had driven the car daily, so Doug had no reservations that it would provide anything but exemplary performance to and from the Colorado Rockies. However, he does intend to slow the pace on the odometer by driving the car only for enjoyment to events. He has the 2001 show season already planned, with Bloomington, the Black Hills, Vette Fest, and the NCCC convention scribed in stone, with the option to drop in on any other unsuspecting fun stops.

Anyone driving a yellow Corvette must be able to handle the extra attention the car will attract, and Doug is a seasoned veteran. He’s already owned two other yellow Corvettes, both purchased new. The first was a ’66 Sunfire Yellow, and the other was a ’68 Safari Yellow Corvette. Doug knows that “people either really like or really dislike yellow on a Corvette.” With a repeat offender like Doug, it’s clear he likes yellow Corvettes. So do we.

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