The ’Glass Menagerie - Readers' Rides - August 2014

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Another Therapy Vette

Who: Jerry Becker
Where: Delavan, Wisconsin
What: '87 Corvette convertible 

Long hood, no trunk, low to the ground, golf clubs in passenger seat…but I couldn't resist this impractical dream car, which I bought in the summer of 1987 for “therapeutic purposes.”

Later, I made some modifications to it, including a supercharger (with 12½ pounds of boost), ACCEL headers, Power Effects mufflers, an MSD6 ignition, a high-volume fuel pump, a larger radiator and cooler thermostat, a 3.07 rear gear, and I upgraded the ignition to dial back the spark when 100-octane gasoline isn't available.

This car has 107,000 very hard miles on it—the 5.7 liter engine is indestructible! It is more impractical today than when I bought it, but it's still fun.


Who: Randy Smith
Where: Houston, Texas
What: '09 Corvette Z06 (and a '98 Corvette coupe) Here's my Cyber Gray '09 Z06, which I purchased used in 2010 with only 1,790 miles on it.

2009 Chevrolet Corvette 1998 Chevrolet Corvette 2/2

Additions include a carbon-fiber front splitter, a rear spoiler and side rocker panels. Otherwise, it remains stock, due to the warranty still being in place, but I look forward to customizing and modifying it somewhere down the road. I recently upgraded to black Z06 “Spyder” wheels, but may change back to a chrome wheel...I can't make up my mind!

I also have a '98 Corvette coupe that I enjoy driving. Both cars are show ready, and are driven frequently—weather permitting, of course.

I love your magazine, and look forward to reading things like Mr. Heath's “Toilet Bowl” run with Jim Mero, in your “Idle Chatter” section—what a hoot ! Keep up the good work, and keep down the brunch options!

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