Historic Races And Racers - Back in the Day

Doug Marion May 5, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Summer 1963: My dad and I were undefeated in CM/SP drag class with his silver '61 roller-cammed, 327 Corvette. We even won Street Eliminator laurels at Lake Geneva, but never at Union Grove. To win Street Eliminator, you had to win against other Modified Sports, Gas, Coupe & Sedan, and Altered class winners. The class winners at Union Grove were all national caliber. We knew we couldn't beat them, but it was fun watching whomever we were running motor past us on the top end. I've written many times how much fun it was getting dusted by the feared Shake, Rattle & Run '57 from Blue Island, Illinois. I came to the conclusion back then that it didn't matter a lot if I won any of these Eliminator races. What did matter was that I gave it my best shot.

Starting at the same time period on the West Coast were two racers who quickly earned top-billing status, and did so for decades. We're talking the legendary Cal and Mary Ann Method from Eastern Washington and Southern California's Gary Cook. The Methods campaigned numerous Chevys— depending on NHRA rules and weight breaks— while Cook made his mark in many cars, culminating in his stunning Super Gas '59 Corvette topless roadster. We sure wish we could write about the tens of thousands of other Chevy competitors who also gave it their best shot in all 50 states. We salute you!




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