1980s Chevy Memories - Back in the Day

Doug Marion Mar 7, 2014 0 Comment(s)
1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Side View 2/4

Two of the top northern Illinois Chevy racers were Arlington Heights' Tony Christian and Chuck Reeve. Seen here is Reeve's "Chaos" '65 Chevelle lifting the front wheels on launch.

Many of you were reading Super Chevy in the 1980s. But if you weren't, your father and mother probably were. It seems like yesterday, but it was a time period going back 25-34 years. The '80s can best be summed up as a decade when many of the great '60s-era Chevrolets probably saw their third or fourth owners—then their first refurbishment or restoration. The forgotten muscle cars and Corvettes of the '60s began their march to immortality beginning in the early part of the Reagan years. By the late '80s, it seemed like everyone chose to show off their gleaming Bow Tie either at a national club convention or a Super Chevy event.

 Chevrolet Impala 3/4

Similar memories are taking place today at Super Chevy Shows from coast to coast. We see attendees at them now who were going to them back in the '80s. Decades from now, Super Chevy will be writing about a lot that went on at our events in the new millen-nium. All we can say is, "Groovy, daddy-o."

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Side 4/4

Super Chevy spent the entire 1980s bringing mileage/performance/emissions stories via my Project Econo-Performer '70 350 Monte Carlo. Best mpg combo: 30 at 30 mph and 25 mpg at 50-55 mph. Best Performance combo: 14.21 at 97 mph. I'm still tweaking on it today.




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