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Off The Wire - Readers' Mail, April 2014

Feb 28, 2014
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Remembering a Friend

Hello, my name is Jamie Sikora, daughter of the late Chris Sikora. A friend of my father’s sent me a photo of your magazine with a photo of all of his family at the track with my father’s car at the LTX Shootout in Kentucky. I was hoping there is a way for us to get copies of this magazine as we are all having a hard time finding any issues of GM High-Tech Magazine. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help us. Thank you in advance.

Jamie Sikora
St. Charles, IL

Jamie, our condolences to your family. Chris was a huge part of the LTX community, and he will be missed by all of us in the hobby who knew him. We’re honored that we were able to capture the shot of his family with his Camaro that day. We’ll send a few copies of the February issue your way.

Hot Air

Do you guys have any info on ’84-’85 Grand Nationals? I have an ‘84 and I’m clueless on where to begin to add horsepower. Hardly anyone makes parts for the hot air turbo cars. Should I just get rid of the setup I currently have?

Edward Santiago
Via. Facebook

It all depends on what your plans are. Typically, if you’re looking for full-on horsepower in the form of a drag-oriented Turbo Buick, then the ‘86-’87 model year is what you want.

If a simple, quick streetcar is more your thing, then you can make the ‘84-’85 “hot air” cars work. We’re not saying you can’t make big power with the LM9, you can, but they create so much heat that an intercooler upgrade or a meth kit is almost mandatory. Guys have done the later engine swap (LC2), but with the earlier cars being much more rare (they only made 2,000 GNs in ‘84), it’s in my opinion to leave it well enough alone.

However, if you insist on adding a few ponies, then you will definitely want to first look into a fuel system upgrade - even before you think about a catback exhaust system or a cold-air kit. Seriously, the stock fuel pumps weren’t up to the task at hand, and they are barely adequate, even for the stock engine. Check out Racetronix for your fuel system needs.

I always tell the new Turbo Buick owners the same thing; research, research, research! These cars are unlike any other, and the average enthusiast can quickly get in over their head if they don’t know what they’re doing. A good place for research is Honestly, these are a great, knowledgeable group of enthusiasts who are always willing to point you into the right direction.

Smut Backlash

Hello, I’m writing this letter in response to the letter sent in the February 2014 issue regarding “smut.” Lady, do you have nothing better to complain about than the odd photo of a beautiful lady printed in the pages of GMHTP? I’ve been reading car magazines for 25 years, and this isn’t some new trend – it’s been going on since the first car magazine rolled off the printing presses. I can almost guarantee you and your “household” are exposed to 100x worse things by just turning on the television, reading the newspaper, or walking out the front door! Since I’m my own personal CFO (what a fancy title) and sign ALL my own checks, I’ve made the executive decision to renew my subscription early just to spite you. Keep up the good work GMHTP, and don’t change a thing. Actually change one thing, more LS-powered truck coverage because that would be awesome.

Jehremy in Canada  


Please send all letters to:, or mail to: GM High-Tech Performance, 9036 Brittany Way, Tampa, FL 33619. All letters are presumed for publication and GMHTP reserves the right to edit all letters.



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