The '57's 57th! - Back in the Day

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It's been called "The Hottest One," as well as "A Baby Cadillac." Over 1.5 million were sold. Some of the new mileage and performance options first introduced in '57 were Borg-Warner T-10 four-speed, synchromesh transmission, Rochester Ramjet Fuel Injection, heavy-duty suspension and Positraction.

 Chevrolet Corvette 2/4

Fuelie Corvettes ($484 extra-cost) totaled 1,040 while passenger car fuelies totaled 1,530. (All but 151 were 250 hp versions.) Four-speed Corvettes totaled 664. Twin Carter WCFB carbs on a cast iron intake manifold were first introduced in late 1956 on both passenger cars and Corvettes. Dual quad sales really took off in 1957: 3,666 Corvettes were so-ordered (245 bhp = 2,045; 270 hp = 1,621.) The dual four barrel, 270 hp 283 ($183 extra) was affordable, and was a super deal for the extra overall performance gained.

Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe Rear 3/4

Nancy and Barry Wallner's Bel Air sport coupe best exemplifies how cool and majestic the flowing lines of a two-door sport coupe are.

The '57 "270 Chevy" was hard to beat, literally. It was Chevrolet's very first torrid 283 that everyone flocked to, as it was affordable and it was a winner. Its legendary NASCAR, SCCA, and drag strip plaudits will continue forever. The '57 fuel injected, 283 hp Chevys were also greatly feared per-se, but the system usually had to be super-tuned with a Kent-Moore Manometer to coax its best performance.

Chevrolet Two Door 4/4

Sales totals for the 270 hp '57 passenger car remain unknown, but we "guesstimate" 5,000 could have been sold. This dual quad setup was popular long into the '60s. It performed great on other newer Chevys sporting 327s and 350s. Happy 57th.




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