Where Did They Go? - Back In The Day

Doug Marion Feb 5, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Have you ever seen a drag or show car, super street machine, or vintage Chevy collectible that knocked you out—then never saw it again? And sadly, no one else knows where it is either? Welcome to the club. For the last five decades, I’ve never found an answer for this dilemma. As nostalgia weighs on us and we think back to the neat Chevys we’ve seen, admired and wished we owned, all we can say today is: “Where did they go?”

As luck goes, Chevys are sometimes re-discovered. Be it via barn find, classified/online ad or verbal tip, these finds are treasured. Decades ago, early Camaro owners almost fainted when they found legit Z/28s. Ditto for ’69 ZL1 Camaros, ’66 L79 Novas and the like. How many times have you heard about someone who bought an old plain jane two-door, then while sanding off the paint, came across lettering proving it was once a drag car of merit? A really famous 409 Impala from Pennsylvania was originally unearthed this way quite accidently in Ohio by two unsuspecting buyers. We bet there are hundreds of Tri-Five drag cars stored decades ago, still hidden in as-they-were condition.

Two of the Chevys pictured were photographed by me years ago. I have no idea where either is today. Due to a much keener interest in today’s Chevy history and ownership, I’ll bet today’s ownership changes won’t easily be lost or forgotten. Let’s hope so.




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