The Best Chevy Camaros of 2013

Here's a Review of the Most Popular Camaro Features from Last Year

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•Issue :April 2013 •Car: 1968 Dana Tribute •Owner: Gary Keyes •Photgrapher: Chris Shelton

1968 Dana Tribute 2/25

When the term "supercar" comes up in casual conversation, the Yenko Camaro is usually the first to come to mind. But Gary Keyes, owner of this immaculate '68, was more interested in the short-lived Dana Chevrolet muscle cars. Gary went to great lengths to build his Camaro as close to Dana specs as possible. He even confided in former Dana employee Dale Armstrong; Super Car Workshop's Brian Henderson; and Frank LaRoch, owner of the fabled orange 10,000-mile Dana Camaro. It's fairly safe to say that even the most knowledgeable supercar enthusiast would be hoodwinked of the car's supercar authenticity.

1968 Dana Tribute 3/25

So did Gary build the ultimate Dana Tribute Camaro? Absolutely, and no doubt the reason his impeccable '68 easily made our Best of the Best issue.

•Issue: April 2013 •Car: 1983 Camaro •Owner: Joe Reinford •Photgrapher: Henry Z. DeKuyper

1983 Chevy Camaro 4/25

We've heard the story more than a few times about a car owner who's cruising a decent ride and after something goes slightly awry a "simple" repair gets under way and leads to something just shy of a full-on overhaul. Joe Reinford has a similar tale. What started out as an engine rebuild, turned into a complete makeover. With the original 305 in shambles, Joe and his dad decided to replace it with a vintage 327 topped with a Weiand 144 supercharger. While at it, Joe went in and replaced the carpet, seats, and door panels to freshen up the captain's quarters. Joe's brother Horace Jr. smoothed the body then applied the Axalta ChromaPremier Black pigment.

1983 Chevy Camaro 5/25

We have to say this is one of the cleanest third-gens we've come across and one nice enough to be crowned as one of our Best of the Best.

•Issue: May 2013 •Car: 1968 Camaro •Owner: Zach Schary •Photgrapher: Nick Licata

1968 Chevy 6/25

It's hard to believe that Zach Schary is only the second owner of this vintage Trans-Am–style '68, but after learning its history, the story isn't too far-fetched. As it goes, Zach saw the car sitting on blocks in the backyard of a house owned by a fellow blues musician in South Los Angeles. Dented sheetmetal—even a bullet hole in the passenger-side door—couldn't shoo Zach away. He talked the bluesman into selling it. A very long story accompanies the car from that point, but 16 years later we found Zach's Camaro fortified with a 376ci L92 carbureted engine, DSE suspension, and some super cool Trans-Am–influenced nuances hosted by a killer dousing of Glen Green pigment. This '68 is a respectful nod to nostalgia road racing with plenty of modern Pro Touring panache, making it more than worthy of a spot in the Best of the Best issue.

1968 Chevy Camaro 7/25

•Issue: June 2013 •Car: 1969 Camaro •Owner: Skip and Debbie Walls •Photgrapher: Matthew Jones

1969 Chevy 8/25

This '69 convertible was part of a true "unveiling," as its owners, Skip and Debbie Walls, along with a large crowd of onlookers gathered at the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas were about to see the car in its completed state for the first time. It was quite an event for the Walls' as the black tarp was pulled back to reveal the Goolsby Customs masterpiece. Although it's an automotive work of art, this "Lokar Red" drop-top gets driven. Powered by a Mast Motorsports LS3 that dishes out 575 hp; a Roadster Shop Fast Track chassis; and a plethora of one-off custom body, engine, and interior mods, this immaculate Camaro was named the 2013 Goodguys Muscle Machine of the Year. It also participated in the weeklong trip from California to Texas on the Goodguys Road Tour.

1969 Chevy Camaro 9/25

It gets extra points for being driven as hard as it does, so we held a spot for it in our Best of the Best issue.

•Issue: July 2013 •Car: 1969 Camaro •Owner: Pete Toundas •Photgrapher: Robert McGaffin

1969 Chevy 10/25

If ever there was a '69 ZL1 COPO Camaro as clean as this one, well then it probably doesn't exist. Pete Toundas and his son Nick set out to construct a COPO tribute built to show car quality. In essence, they passed on performing the faux overspray, chalk marks, and fluorescent letter stamps on the firewall and built the car with immaculate lines and perfect panel fitment—attributes that didn't exist on factory COPOs in 1969. Their goal was certainly achieved, as the average Camaro enthusiasts is sure to buy into the Camaro's ZL1 COPO authenticity, but an expert will identify the lack of overspray, perfected gaps, and fitment as beautiful but not realistic. Kudos to Pete and Nick for going the distance and including an aluminum-block 427 (later casting number) dressed to the nines with correct nuts and bolts.

1969 Chevy Camaro 11/25

Hands down, this is the ultimate tribute to a legendary Camaro and we're proud to include it in the Best of the Best issue as it truly is the pinnacle of a COPO tribute.


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