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Here at Camaro Performers, we are both fortunate and honored to have the opportunity to feature the most amazing Camaros in the country within the pages of this magazine and also on So, before we head full-bore into 2014, we'd like to draw some additional attention to 12 of the best Camaros we featured in 2013. With that said, you may be wondering exactly how it is we go about choosing which cars make our annual Best of the Best issue. While it's definitely not a scientific process intertwined with complex algorithmic operations, there is some simple math involved as well as a homegrown, concocted formula with a few special variables mixed in. Social media popularity is one. How many "likes" a car gets on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages carry a good amount of weight. Another determining factor is the number of page views a car gets on our website (

Now, we realize those are somewhat concrete numbers, but our list isn't solely based on mathematical tabulations—the Camaro Performers magazine and online editorial staff also throw in their proverbial "two cents." And being we all have varying backgrounds and tastes when it comes to cars, it makes good sense to take advantage of this diversity to come up with a Best of the Best issue in which [hopefully] a wide audience can appreciate.

With that said, we hope you all enjoy the best Camaros of 2013, and we'd also like to thank those who continue to "like," "share," and comment on our Facebook and Instagram posts. It's all valuable information that helps us to better understand the kind of cars you want to see inside the pages of Camaro Performers magazine.

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•Issue : January 2013 •Car: 2000 Camaro SS •Owner: Beau Bule •Photgrapher: Robert McGaffin

2000 Chevy Camaro SS 2/25

There's no doubt fourth-gens are a common site at just about every dragstrip in the country. But Camaros of this era commonly get stripped down every way possible in order to save weight. That can sometimes compromise the car's visual integrity, especially in the engine bay and interior. Fortunately, Beau Buie has a taste for keeping his drag car looking as good as it is fast. Beau's '00 would give most any fourth-gen at a car show just as much competition as it would on the dragstrip. Yep, it's that nice. And last we heard, Beau switched out the nitrous for a single turbo. The only info we have is that it's gone as fast as 135 mph in the eighth-mile.

2000 Chevy Camaro SS 3/25

Anytime we come across a fourth-gen this nice, we have to consider it for the Best of the Best issue, and this car's ability to perform at the dragstrip is just icing on the cake.

•Issue: January 2013 •Car: 1969 Camaro •Owner: Dave Mausbach •Photgrapher: Josh Mishler

1969 Chevy 4/25

When one pulls out all the stops to build a muscle car, there's a good chance that ride will be something special. Well, Dave Mausbach left nothing on the table when he went to Boesch Auto Body in Humphrey, Nebraska, for what started out as "a few upgrades." Shop owner Dale Boesch told us, "Dave stopped by and saw the kind of builds we had going on and decided he wanted his Camaro to stand out and be different than any other '69." For one of the main focal points, Dave went with a stroked small-block with an Inglese intake topped with eight polished Cook Enterprises domed injectors. Needless to say, the engine bay is a work of art and the rest of the car also showcases an amazing example of top-notch craftsmanship.

1969 Chevy Camaro 5/25

This is one of the cleanest '69 Camaros we've ever featured in the magazine and, in fact, made the cover of our January 2013 issue. This was an easy choice to make our Best of the Best issue.

•Issue: February 2013 •Car: 1973 Camaro •Owner: Brian Hobaugh •Photgrapher: Henry Z. DeKuyp

1973 Chevy Camaro Three Quarter Front 6/25

Growing up around cars was an integral part of the landscape at the Hobaugh household. At a young age, Brian Hobaugh remembers his dad wrenching and autocrossing a '72 Z28, so it's no wonder that today Brian owns one of the most kick-ass second-gens in the country. The Camaro is loaded with custom one-offs including the Maier Racing suspension system; a suspension program in which Brian basically had to build the rest of the car around in order to shoehorn big wheels, brakes, and 335 tires on every corner. Brian employed a Mast Motorsports 416ci LS3 with a tick over 600 hp to propel the '73. Besides the car's obvious proven functionality (Brian took Second Place at the 2012 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational), it's attractive vibe carries far beyond the exterior, continuing throughout the interior and engine bay.

1973 Chevy Camaro 7/25

Our Facebook followers gave this track fiend high marks with which we agree, so it easily makes our Best of the Best issue.




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