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Bow Tie Keepers - January 2014

Reader's Rides

Patrick Hill Jan 29, 2014
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Dan Buzniak— ’57 150 Sedan

We’ll let Dan tell this one—“When I was 18 I spotted a ’57 Chevy 150 model Black and White in a junk yard. It ran but smoked a lot so I knew the motor would need a rebuild. With the help of a friend we pulled the motor and in the process found it was a 283 Power Pack with a three-speed on the column and 4.11 rear. The body had a lot rust and as a kid I did not want to fool with it so I pulled the motor and trans and rear and put it in a ’55 Chevy. I eventually sold that car, but always had a craving for another ’57. When I found this one it had a built 400 small-block with a Muncie four-speed and 12 bolt rear. She was running great and brought back a lot of memories until about a month ago. I was driving and the motor seized, threw a rod through the block. So it’s back to the drawing board with a new motor to soon be added maybe even a fuelie.”

 Chevy 150 2/7

Buddy Austin— ’86 S-10

Buddy wanted a hauler that, well, hauled, and looked sharp. He pitched the ’86 front clip for ’91 sheetmetal, then installed a custom roll cage with Kirkey seats and five point belts. In the back is a Big Ten rear with disc brakes, being spun by a built 385-inch small-block with a single stage of nitrous, and a built TH350 trans. The combo propels the S-10 to 11.30 e.t.’s on just the motor, and Buddy hasn’t pressed the button on the nitrous yet. Look out when he does!

 Chevy S 3/7

Jerry Shewbridge Jr.—’72 Monte Carlo

When Jerry picked up his Monte, it had a 400 Mouse between the fenders. Not good enough for the son of a drag racer, he borrowed a spare 454 from his father (who still races at age 74) and dropped it into the ’72 to make it into a real muscle machine. Even though it looks good now, Jerry says he still has more cosmetic work to do.

 Chevy Monte 4/7

Dianna Rottner— ’68 Z/28 RS

Dianna’s had her Z/28 for 28 years, 20 of which it took to restore the F-body to its former glory. A super rare code ZZ “British Green” car, it still has its original 302 and four-speed. Dianna’s father-in-law helped restore the interior, and now she enjoys cruising and taking it to the strip, where it’s run a best of 12.97 at 106 mph.

 Chevy Camaro Z 5/7

Art Aylesworth— ’65 El Camino

Art’s El Camino is a true survivor and lifelong California high-desert resident. He bought the Elky from the grandson of the original owner. Originally purchased in Lancaster, California in April of 1965, its original four-barrel-equipped 283 and Powerglide still run strong.

 Chevy El 6/7

Mike Hale— ’66 Chevelle 300

When this Chevelle 300 left the factory, it was a mundane six-cylinder/three-on-the-tree machine—real basic transportation. Thanks to Mike’s efforts, it now has the heart of a Kryptonian. Under the hood is a 496 backed by an M21 four-speed, and 12-bolt rear with 4.11 gears. The car is a stripper, with no heater or radio; the only luxury being a Flaming River tilt column.

 Chevy Chevelle 7/7

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