Bow Tie Brigaders, Part 2 - Back in the Day

Doug Marion Jan 28, 2014 0 Comment(s)
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Last month, I defined a "Bow Tie Brigader" as a top-notch, hardcore Chevy person. We failed to mention that deep pockets aren't required, either. A great current-day example is the primer gray '55 Pro Street 454 post of Illinois' Chris Boyett (photo 1). Few would think otherwise as a body-in-primer today is in-vogue.

Chevys have ruled drag strips for decades—especially in the old Gas, Coupe and Sedan classes. We used to know the great Gene Moody a quarter-century ago, so we chose to picture his record-holding '55 D/Gas multi-nationals winning, record-holder (photo 2).

Back In The Day January 2014 1955 2/3

What about Bow Tie Brigader interiors? Way back in the '70s we were knocked out by Sherry Sellear's Wisconsin-based, light gray and black '55 convertible. As awesome as the colorful outside was, the lipstick red interior was simply wowsville (photo 3).

Back In The Day January 2014 Lipstick Red Interior 3/3




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