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Firing Up - December 2013

Ho, Ho, Ho ... Let’s Go!

Oct 31, 2013
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For many Camaro Performers magazine readers, this issue has been delivered to your home, or you just picked it up at the newsstand at about the same time in which you roll your Camaro into the garage for a little winter slumber. Fortunately for us SoCal folks, we generally don’t have an “off-season” where our cars sit in a toasty garage for the winter months. For the most part, we get to drive our hot rods year round. If fact, our cars tend to run a little better while sucking in some cool, November air, and our local dragstrip becomes slightly less stingy with our 60-foot times, so we kinda look forward to this time of year.

Nick Licata 2/2

This wintertime talk made me realize that Christmas is right around the corner, so I better get busy working on my “wish list.” I want Santa to have plenty of time to round up some goodies to make my fourth-gen go a wee bit faster. There’s only one problem: today is August 29 and it just so happens to be one of Southern California’s hottest days of the year (98 degrees in these parts). So as I write this editorial, it’s a bit challenging to get into the Holiday spirit. But being a professional (at what, I’m not exactly sure), I’ll do my best to pull it together and pretend as though it’s late November with the afternoon temperature hovering around 66 degrees. But if I really need some coaxing, I’ll just stop by Costco or Sam’s Club, as they already have Christmas decorations piled in the aisles next to the toothpaste, Tums, and Krill oil. I’m talking plastic reindeer, lights, wreaths, annoying mini singing Santas—the whole shebang.

Shooting our model for the Camaro Performers magazine Holiday Gift Guide also helps get me in the Christmas spirit. Even though it was a hot August afternoon when we photographed model Laurie Young, seeing her decked out in a Santa’s Helper suit, I couldn’t shake the urge to Netflix Scrooged. OK, that was weird, but not as strange as the fact that I’d like to take the fat end of a Louisville Slugger to that mini dancing Santa so he’ll stop singing about the fact that I better watch out and that he’s coming to town, over and over.

With those happy thoughts rolling around in my noggin, I’m actually starting to get into the spirit. I just have to get past the sweat rolling down my back (TMI? Sorry).

Just so you fully understand how the world of magazine publishing works; the December issue actually starts production in August and we start working on the June issue in March, which is about the time I’m into my fifth snowboarding trip. No wonder my attention disorder is kicking into high gear. This magazine timeline and my real-life schedule are constantly out of synch with each other.

So as we roll through August and get ready to welcome September, let me be the first to wish all of you readers a great Holiday Season, and hope that you’ve been good enough over the past year so Santa stops by your place and drops that new engine or suspension system under your tree.

Hey, it could happen, you just gotta believe. You in?



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