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Bow Tie Keepers - December 2013

Readers' Rides

Patrick Hill Jan 24, 2014
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Bjorn Mork — 1957 Bel Air Hardtop

Quick Shot: Bjorn started with a completely disassembled shoebox, and eight years later he had this for cruising around the roads of … Norway! The Norse winters send the ’57 into hibernation, but when the roads are clear and the temps warmer, the hardtop cruises thanks to an .060-inch-over built 350 backed by a four-speed.

 Chevrolet Bel Air 2/7

Ivan Girnus — 1967 Camaro RS

Quick Shot: Ivan asked to dedicate this one to his father, Ron. This Camaro is no slouch, with a healthy 454 spinning a TH400 auto to roast the rear tires at will. Ivan thanks the large group who helped him get the car on the road, especially his wife.

 Chevrolet Camaro 3/7

Bob Novak — 1970 Chevelle Concours Wagon

Quick Shot: Bob’s wagon is one cool piece. Built at Van Nuys, he has the original build sheet showing it left the factory with 350/TH350 powertrain, A/C, power disc brakes, power window in the tailgate, and the third row seat option. It’s Seafoam Green with a green interior, and Bob’s added wheels and a few other minor things to get the car right for his liking.

 Chevrolet Chevelle Concours 4/7

Mike Wagoner — 1966 Bel Air

Quick Shot: Mike’s owned the car for 12 years. It originally belonged to a teacher in the Houston area. A factory A/C car, Mike repainted the Bel Air in its factory Marina Blue, very rare for ’66 Bel Airs, with only 200 reportedly leaving the factory in said color.

 Chevrolet Bel 5/7

Rod Wallace — 1965 Chevelle

Quick Shot: Rod had been hunting for an A-body similar to his high school car from 1970, and got lucky when he found this Mist Blue ’65. With only 53,000 miles on the clock, the car still had its original 250 HP 327, Powerglide, 12-bolt rear, and even its original SS wheel covers. Rod added the Cragar S/S wheels, just like his old high school car.

 Chevrolet 6/7

Ted DeLeone — C4 Corvette

Quick Shot: Ted’s had his C4 since it rolled off the Bowling Green assembly line. The car is still mostly stock, with no need for improvements in Ted’ mind. The factory LT1 and Optispark are still in place and working just fine, and the red leather interior still looks brand new.

Chevrolet C4 7/7

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