Vintage Bow Tie Keepers - November 2013

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Ken Santoro – '68 Chevelle and '78 Camaro

You might recognize Ken, since he started Ground Up, the restoration parts supplier for Chevelles, Novas, G-bodies, and Camaros. Ken bought his '68 back in 1980, for the meager sum of $900 from his girlfriend's father. This car helped inspire him to start Ground Up, after hunting swamp meets and shows looking for parts to fix the car. Today he still owns it. He also has the '78 Camaro Z28 he bought brand new and drove cross country, all the way to California and back from Connecticut.

Steve Hornback – '55 Bel Air Sedan

Steve inherited the '55 from his great grandfather in 1975. Currently the car is undergoing a modern restomod rebuild, including an Art Morrison chassis, LS motor, and a host of other custom touches. "I get criticized for bothering to customize a four-door, but the car has been in the family since 1955, so I did not care. Now that I'm 55 years old, my older friends can climb in for a ride a lot easier."

Bill Way – '53 Chevy

As an eager young gearhead, Bill got his '53 by first painting flames on his mother's car, then by lowering her then-new '57 Chevy. To get their son to leave their cars alone, the Ways bought him the '53 to focus his hot rodding tendencies on. Later, Bill would sell the '53 to buy a '54 Corvette.

1953 Chevrolet 6/26

Mark LeBlanc – '70 Camaro

When he headed off to Tulane University in the late '70s, Mark was behind the wheel of this Camaro. Later on in college (1978) and after the purchase of a C3 LT-1 Corvette, Mark turned the F-body into a show car, bringing home trophies from various events in Louisiana. He traded the car for parts he needed for the Corvette in the '80s. Mark figures the car met its end when Katrina blasted through the area.

1970 Chevrolet Camaro Side 7/26

Mark and Joe Lunsford – '56 Chevy

Mark sent us this picture of his dad perched on the fender of the family's '56 back in 1960. Mark says, "He was 19 years old when this pic was snapped. When he joined the Army reserves back then, it would make the trip from Indiana to Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri. And since my dad was always a good shade tree mechanic, they would just take those Chevys apart and put 'em back together again just for fun. I came along in '63, and now that I'm 50 years old, I have a '69 Camaro RS that I've had for three years now. Sure wish he was still here to help me work on it. Don't think I'll ever be the mechanic he was."

1956 Chevrolet Chevy 8/26

Terry Nixon – '64 and '68 Chevelles

Terry is pictured with his '64 in 1967, after installing a Duntov cam in the 283. With a four speed, numerous Mustang owners saw his taillights when racing. After that came the '68 SS396 with an L78/four-speed combo. That pic was snapped in '69, after Terry had installed Mickey Thompson Super Scavenger headers, Mallory dual-point ignition, and American Racing wheels. Terry still has the original bill of sale from when the '68 was new.

Mark Harrison – '65 Chevelle Convertible

His first car, this pic was snapped in 1973 with Mark's sister Kristie in front of the ragtop. The 283 was treated to a 350 HP 327 cam, Hurst shifter for the four-speed, a Q-Jet carb, Rocket chrome reverse wheels, air shocks, and dual exhaust.

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle 11/26

Harry Henderson – '68 Camaro SS

This was taken in 1972. Originally a six-cylinder car with a three-on-the tree, Harry dropped in a 350 backed by a Muncie four-speed, and repainted it Hunter Green with white Z/28 stripes. Harry later traded it for a ‘70 GTO.

1968 Chevrolet Camaro 12/26

Phil Veldheer – '55 Bel Air Hardtop & '56 210 Townsman Wagon

Back in the golden age of the NHRA, it wasn't uncommon to see an invasion of flat-towed Tri-Fives show up at the U.S Nationals. Phil Veldheer was one of those in '67, dragging his H/SA '56 wagon to Indy behind his '55 Sport Coupe. Phil still races the wagon today. That's dedication.

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air 1956 Chevrolet 13/26




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