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Eric Earney's LS-powered Camaro

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In these days of mega-dollar Pro Touring Camaros, it's actually refreshing to see a ride that's built on a real workingman's budget. Eric Earney's 1967 Chevy Camaro is just such a car. His idea was to wrench together a ride that was more about having fun than trying to impress others by wielding the latest unobtanium billet widget or mega-horsepower engine. The result is a Camaro that handles great, stops quickly, and flies down the dragstrip. Eric did the lion's share of the work himself, including the paint, interior, and the retrolicious black-vinyl top. For motivation, the first-gen fields a 5.7L LS1 with a fourth-gen Camaro drive system. Compared to the competition, it puts out a relatively mild 340 horsepower, but on drag radials it's enough to knock down a best e.t. of 11.83 sec. at 113 mph. Backing up the aluminum mill is a 700-R4 built by Transmissions To Go. The front suspension received a stack of parts from RideTech while the rear was treated with a complete Detroit Speed QUADRALink system. A quick-ratio box allows for quicker course corrections, and Turn One massaged the power steering pump. Four-wheel GM disc brakes reside inside the 18x9.5 and 18x11 Budnik wheels while Falken tires provide the lateral grip.

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Eric has owned his classic Camaro for over 20 years, but his favorite memories are from more recent times: autocrossing with his two daughters, Hailey and Cammie. The car is part of their family and was even the ride of choice on his wedding day. It just goes to show that a Camaro is much more than just the sum of its parts.




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